Cedar county is located in east central Iowa with Johnson, Linn, Jones, Clinton, Scott and Muscatine being our neighboring counties. The county seat is located in Tipton with the sheriffs office in the county courthouse and the jail two blocks to the west. Cedar County consists of eight cities and nine unincorporated communities. Interstate 80 travels east and west through the southern portion of our county along with Iowa Interstate Railroad. Highway 80 travels east and west through the southern portion of our county along with Iowa Interstate Railroad. Highway 30 and the Union Pacific Railroad parallel across Cedar County east and west across the norther quarter. Other highways in Cedar County are Highway 130,. which connects Tipton to the Davenport area and Highway 927 skirts the southeast corner of the county.

Cedar County has 954 miles of country roads consisting of 755 miles of gravel roads, 137 miles of paved roads, and 62 miles of dirt roads in its 576 square miles of area. The Cedar river dissects the county from the northwest to the south and the Wapsi River loops into our northern border.

he population of Cedar County is approximately 18,000 people: 10,500 in the cities and 7,500 in the rural community. Cedar County's largest city with a population of only 3,000 shows that we are a farming community with several of the cities having expanding industrial areas.

ast Cedar County Jail history includes a combination jail and courthouse constructed of logs, completed in 1840. The jail was constructed of four thickness' of logs. 1855 brought about bid requests for a new jail for the county. This jail consisted of a 40' x 24' 2 story building with a first floor 10' high and a second floor 8' high.

he current Cedar County Jail presents an aura of an authentic "Wild West Jail", which sends one looking for the post where inmate' horses would possibly be tied awaiting the release of their respective owner.

he jail was completed in November 1892 and connected to the jailer's residence. Brick, iron, slate and cement were used to construct the 39' x 22' jail with 12" thick walls. The roof was steep and covered with slate and iron railing. The doors were heavy, solid iron. In the main general lockup are a total of 6 bunks. A 4-man cell and a 2-man cell. The 2-man cell provides maximum security and also serves as the intoxication cell. The iron bars cells occupy the center of the large room with a three-foot wide walk space around the perimeter. Windows have 2 sets of bars making an escape more difficult.


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