he Old Cedar County Jail in Tipton, Iowa is on the National Registry of Historic Places. The Old Jail and Residence is the Official Museum for the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association (ISSDA).

he Old Cedar County Jail is open for viewing the 1st Saturday of each month from 10am to 2pm.

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Jack Leverenz 1959 - 1963
Richard (Dick) Barden 1963 - 1972
Eugene (Dick) Hancock 1972 - 1976

Dear Friend,

The Cedar County Friends of Historic Preservation is a non-profit 501(C3) group that owns the old Cedar County Jail and House and operates it as "The Old Cedar County Jail Museum". We are the official museum for the Iowa State Sherriff's and Deputies Association for the entire state of Iowa. Each year we have several special activities at the jail museum plus we are open the 1st Saturday of each month from 10am to 2pm.

One of our activities is to honor former sheriffs of Cedar County. In 2012, we honored Sheriff Bill Christian who was sheriff from 1933 to 1942. Last year we honored 2 former sheriffs. Charles Willey who was the sheriff from 1943-1956 and Elwood Hemmingway who served from January 1, 1957 to December 31, 1958. Their careers were intertwined. Each man served as the others deputy at one time.

This year we are planning to honor Jack Leverenz 1959 - 1963, Richard (Dick) Barden 1963 - 1972, and Eugene (Dick) Hancock 1972 - 1976. Jack actually had served as a deputy under Elwood Hemmingway. Jack resigned to take a position with the Iowa Department of Public Safety. Dick Barden had served as a deputy sheriff under Sheriff Leverenz. Dick Barden was appointed to fill out Leverenz's term and was then was later elected to the Office of Sheriff. Dick Barden was the first sheriff in Iowa to pilot his own plane and one of the first sheriffs in Iowa to attend the FBI Academy for officiers. Leverenz and Barden were the first sheriff and deputy to wear complete "officier" uniforms.

Eugene (Dick) Hancock 1972 - 1976 was appointed to serve as sheriff by the Cedar County Board of Supervisors in October 1972 after he defeated Sheriff Barden in the primary election. He was them elected Sheriff in the General Election. Hancock had been serving as Deputy under Sheriff Barden. Dick Hancock later worked security at the University of Iowa.

To honor these 3 sheriffs we are trying to contact as many of their family, descendants and friends as we can. We have some information from newspaper files and books, and some pictures but we need more! We have pictures of the sheriffs, but if you have anything of interest please contact me or you are welcome to bring it with you to this event .The widows of the three Former Sheriffs have been invited; Grace Leverenz, Doris Barden and Bev Hancock.

Incidently, Judy Archer started to work for Sheriff Barden in 1965 and was the first female deputy sheriff in Cedar County. She was deputy, secretary and jail matron. Keith Whitlatch was Tipton Chief of Police. Judy served as Radio Dispatcher for Sheriff Hancock thru 1982. Judy is secretary for the Cedar County Friends of Historic Preservation; "The Old Cedar County Jail Musuem"

We will also be recognizing those who worked for these 3 sheriff's including Judy Archer, Lora Mae (Ike) Ward, Ron and Joyce Stein, Doris (Kolsrud} Barden, Jerry Simmermaker and anyone else that worked for them.

This special event will be held on Saturday, August 30, 2014. The museum will be open from 10am to 4pm for tours and visiting.

Johnny Krob "Singing Cowboy" will entertain on the east lawn of the Old Jail from 1 -2:15 p.m. About 2:15 p.m.,the ceremony will begin to pay tribute to these three past sheriffs. The Cedar County Friends will be serving their famous homemade shortcake and strawberries with ice cream.

As you can see we have a full day planned! You and your family are invited to this celebration. If you have any information, pictures, or comments please contact me.

Keith Whitlatch
Telephone: (319) 329-1785
Email: KWhitl1601@gmail.com
Address: 707 King Avenue Stanwood, Iowa 52337

I look forward to seeing and meeting you on August 30!

Keith Whitlatch
Cedar County Sheriff Retired
Old Cedar County Jail/Museum


The Cedar County Friends of Historic Preservation was organized in 2001 for the purpose of saving and restoring the Old Cedar County Jail and attached sheriff’s residence. Used continuously from 1892 until 2001, this facility is located one block west of the Courthouse Square in Tipton, Iowa. The sheriff’s residence was built in 1855 and the jail in 1892. The facility was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003.

Our mission is to promote interest in the cultural heritage of Cedar County. Our goal is to record, collect, preserve, manage and provide access to Cedar County’s Old Jail buildings. The Old Cedar County Jail/Museum is also the official museum for the Iowa State Sheriff’s Association.

Regular meetings are at 6:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month. The meetings are held at the Old Jail located at the corner of west Fourth and West Lynn Streets, Tipton, Iowa. Anyone who is interested in aiding in our goals is welcome to join. Any group wanting to tour the facility can contact Kris Clark (563-886-2131) or Daisy Wingert (563-886-2056) or Keith L. Whitlatch (319-329-1785) or email Keith at KWhitl1601@gmail.com.

Dues are paid annually and are due January 1 of each year. There are several membership levels from which to choose.

he Old Jail is also opened up for groups and anyone desiring to go through. To arrange for a tour, you may contact the following:

Keith L. Whitlatch - 319-329-1785
Krista Clark - 563-886-2131
Daisy Wingert - 563-886-2758

nyone wishing to write to the Old Jail - Our mailing address of record is:
707 King Avenue,
Stanwood, IA 52337-9619


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